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技术参数 Technical Parameters

  • 名称: YL-1000S五缸压裂柱塞泵 Plunger Pump(frac pump)


YL-1000S 五缸压裂柱塞泵 Quintuplex Plunger Pump(frac pump)



用途:use YL-1000S 柱塞泵是一种新型卧式单作用、偏置式、往复五缸柱塞泵。它由三部分:动力端、减速箱、液力端组成。它的最大制动马力为1000BHP(746kw) 该泵具有体积小、功率大、压力高、流量大等优点。 YL-1000S 柱塞泵用于间断油井工作中,如:酸化、固井、压裂、封井等作业。是高压力固井的首选 。

YL-1000S horizontal piston pump is a new single role, bias type, reciprocating Quintuplex plunger pump. It consists of three parts: power side, slow down boxes, hydraulic components side. It is the biggest brake horsepower to 1000BHP (746KW) of the pump with small size, power, and high pressure, flow, etc. YL-1000Sintermittent piston pump for oil well work, such as: acidification, cementing, fracturing, etc.. cover well, operation. Is a high-pressure piston pump of choice for well cementing.


最大制动马力:Maximum brake horsepower 1000BHP (746KW)
最大负载:Maximum load 100,000 LBS(45359kg)
冲程:Stroke 6 in(152.4mm)
传动比:Transmission ratio 4.61:1
长度:length 50 in(1270mm)
宽:width 73 in(1854mm)
高: high 24 in(609mm)
净重(近似):weight (nearly) 7040 LBS(3193kg)


YL-1000S 柱塞泵工作特性数据表 Characteristies of Plunger Pump Date Sheet (间断性作业,基于 90%的机械效率和 100%的容积率) Intermittent operation, Based on 90% of the mechanical efficiency and 100% of the floor area ratio

特点说明 Characteristics Description 

1: 该泵减速器有 17个安装位置,使它更方便的适应不同的驱动路线。
2: 一种泵头体可以选配不同尺寸的柱塞及密封总成形成可互换的系列泵(2-3/4”泵 3”泵 3-1/2”泵 3-3/4 泵4” 泵4--1/2” 泵)从而满足不同的压力和排量要求。
4: 采用偏置式结构,使泵的体积减小、重量减轻。
5: 主要部件:轴承、柱塞、密封件、曲轴瓦、弹簧,都采用进口件。

1.Reducer of the pump is installed in 17 locations, making it more convenient to adapt to different driving routes.

2.Pump head can be a body matching the columns of different sizes and seal plug the total layer, forming a series of interchangeable pump(2-3/4”pump ,3” pump ,3-1/2” pump ,3-3/4”pump ,4” pump ,4-1/2” pump), to meet different requirements of the pressure and displacement.

3.Packing optional components, valve train, exhaust flange, sinks, such as sunction pipes in order to adapt to and meet the needs of different media and different environment

4.The use of bias-type structure, so that the size of pumps to reduce weight.

5.Main components: bearings, piston, seals, crankshaft W, springs, all imported cases